Chase Mouldings Ltd is a polyurethane, rim and elastomer manufacturing company based in the Staffordshire area. Chase Moulding Ltd was established in 1998 by its founders Colin Armstrong and David Cockayne. Colin Armstrong and David Cockayne have worked in the polyurethane industry for many years, with over 70 years’ experience between them.

Chase Mouldings Ltd takes projects from the design stages through to full production as a full turnkey package. Chase Moulding Ltd was established to produce polyurethane products for the medical, leisure and automotive industry. However, Chase Mouldings has now grown to become a well-established company undertaking work in many different industries and has grown to become first tier suppliers for many of these industries.

Chase Mouldings Ltd have become an established company by being cost effective, having employees with a strong engineering capability in tooling, design and project managing which will help you find engineering solutions, as well as producing high quality parts and being as efficient as possible. Chase Mouldings prides itself in taking projects from concept to full production with a range of scope from one off production to high volume production. We are able to be flexible on all types of polyurethane foams, colours, densities and volumes which has helped the company to grow to where it is today. 

Chase Mouldings Ltd are constantly trying to increase efficiency, maintain high quality parts, be as innovative as possible, as well as improve their employee’s technical ability. The company does this by a strict quality assurance system. Chase Mouldings Ltd is accredited to BSI Standard and BSENISO 9001:2000.

The above is only an outline of the company and we would be happy to supply any further information you may require. We look forward to introducing our company to you at your convenience.