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Polyurethane/rim can be considered as an alternative to injection moulded products. Polyurethane can be used in conjunction with steel, aluminium, plastics, PVC’s and Nylons. These can be used as armatures which are coated with polyurethane or mating parts. We also have the experience to assist or purchase tooling in a wide range of materials, from prototype to full production.

Chase Mouldings Ltd are able to be flexible on all types of polyurethane foams, colours, densities and volumes to produce the ideal part for your company. The range and size of products Chase Mouldings produce can vary from a few grams such as seals, to several kilos such as flotation aids.

Chase Mouldings Ltd produces parts for a range of different industry’s including medical, automotive, leisure, brewery, cosmetic and many others. In many of these industries’ Chase Moulding Ltd are first and second tier suppliers.
Chase Mouldings Ltd work closely with designers and design houses to produce the best possible part for your company. As well as working closely to vac formers, injection moulders, rotary moulders, foundries and press companies to match your product to the best process to best suit your budget. Due to this Chase Mouldings Ltd will produce a product from start to finish if required as a full turnkey package.

Example of the types of parts Chase Moulding produce:
Medical – Chase Mouldings Ltd use a resin/rim material to produce wet room floors and shower trays. We also design and manufacture Knee pads and arm rests for the medical industry.
Automotive – Impact absorption products are produced and noise reduction parts are produced for the automotive industry by Chase Mouldings Ltd. Armrests and grab handles are designed and produced for coaches, busses and trains by Chase Mouldings Ltd. Chase Mouldings Ltd also do interior and exterior trim moulded parts for the automotive sector.
Leisure – Chase Mouldings Ltd design and produce archery targets made of polyurethane. We also design and manufacture parts for the horse riding saddle industry.
Cosmetic – Chase Mouldings Ltd manufacture commercial and retail displays for the cosmetic industry.
Brewery- Insulation for refrigeration was designed and manufactured by Chase Mouldings Ltd. We also produce polyurethane foam for cooling pods.
Other- Chase Mouldings Ltd can use ridged foam to back up vac forming, rotary mouldings and injection mouldings parts to add strength without adding much weight. Chase Mouldings Ltd also produce covers and doors for commercial products which can be painted to a high standard.